The creative process is not always an easy one, and The Foundry was built with that concept in mind. From the 16′ high timber framed live room to the spacious, finely tuned control room, we offer a sound that is unique and inspiring. 1452 was built with two isolation rooms to accommodate rock bands, but also built big enough to house small orchestral groups. This translates into a more efficient creative process, since all recording and mixing is done in house. This also means spending less money on outside studio costs which lowers the bottom line for your multimedia project.

1452 is powered completely by solar energy. Our building is a timber frame structure with straw bale infill complete with a living roof. Construction was achieved by using local timbers as well as locally harvested straw. We strongly believe in supporting sustainable and environmentally responsible construction and living.

Not only does The Foundry house the recording studio, but the grounds feature many amenities available to you when you need a break to recharge and refocus. We have hiking trails and room for mountain biking when you need to “sweat it out” or there’s a yoga studio and meditation space when you just need to center yourself and clear your head. We also have a generously stocked library when you’re in need of some fresh inspiration.

We’re always looking to add more to the grounds to make sure that your experience is both a  productive and restorative one.

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We Offer:

  • 25′ x 30′ live stone room
  • 20′ x 30′ control room
  • Live wood isolation room
  • Dead isolation room (vocal booth)
  • Idyllic setting
  • Quiet, Peaceful Surroundings
  • Hiking Trails
  • Mountain Biking
  • Yoga Studio
  • Meditation Space
  • Library
  • Close proximity to local attractions and getaway
  • Percussion Path (coming soon!)
  • Hot Tub Spa (coming soon!)

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