Welcome to Rock Band Camp!

1452 Foundry’s Rock Band Camp is a one week nature based summer camp dedicated to supporting our next generation of musicians. We offer the opportunity for participants to explore their creativity in new and exciting ways by placing them in the same environment as our professional recording clients.

Campers will participate in workshops where they will learn real world skills to help them write their own music, craft lyrics, and perform better in ensemble groups. Participants will be working with their ‘bands’ in and out of the studio to create their own recordings and work up songs for our final performance for parents on Saturday afternoon. Campers will also gain hands on experience with the technical side of recording by working behind the console to help mix the projects of their fellow campers.

We are also focused on helping participants to integrate with our natural environment. Nature walks and exercise are part of our daily routine. Rock Band Camp is packed with fun and activities to help participants unleash their musical creativity and help create a more well rounded musician!

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