Change Your Life in 60 Seconds With This Breathing Exercise

Ever feel blocked? When we get hooked into our to-do lists and daily duties, we lose track of life flow. A big block is fear. Whenever fear arises, we get stopped in our tracks. Thoughts like, “I can’t,” or “there’s not enough” or “there’s no way” block us from creative ideas and the energy we need to move forward.

Then fear leads us to overthink and start future tripping about negative outcomes. All of these blocksGabrielle-Bernstein-0fdb4b93 disconnect us from the natural flow of life.

One of the greatest ways to bust through emotional blocks fast is through a breathing technique frequently used in Kundalini yoga called breath of fire.

Breath of fire is a rhythmic breath in and out the nose. Kind of like deep sniffing. The breath comes from a relaxed diaphragm.

On the inhale, your diaphragm extends. On the exhale, it releases as you breathe in and out your nose. Once you get into a rhythm, you speed up the breath until it becomes breath of fire.

Breath of fire newbies often emphasize the exhale. This is a common mistake that can be easily corrected by remembering that the inhale and exhale are even.

It’s also common for the newcomer to feel shortness of breath. This means that your diaphragm is tight from stress and tension or that you’re breathing in the opposite direction.

Remember that on the inhale, your diaphragm extends and on the exhale, it contracts. (Always make sure your diaphragm is relaxed.)

As you practice breath of fire, you’ll release the tension in your diaphragm and in effect release yourself from many emotional blocks.

Breath of fire has many benefits beyond busting through blocks: it oxygenates and purifies the bloodstream, it stimulates the energy flow in your body, it stimulates the pituitary gland (which helps you bring all the other glands into balance), and it strengthens your electromagnetic field so that you become a magnet for greatness.

It’s said that with one minute of breath of fire, you can achieve the same benefits you’d experience in one hour of the same pose with a normal breath.

Whenever you feel blocked, emotionally distressed or overwhelmed, turn to breath of fire. This is also a fantastic practice to use before a big meeting, a date, or any event where you want to enhance your presence and your power.

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