We have several ways for you to attend Rock Band Camp on a limited budget. Feel free to use one or all of methods.

Below you will find our scholarship form. Print this out and share it with everyone you can think of! Family and friends are a great start but don’t stop there. Your parents works and local businesses are great resources. Take a few hour and bring your scholarship form door to door. Any contribution will help you to reach your goal!

Download (PDF, 132KB)

Raising sponsorship money can be challenging and there’s many ways to do it. Here’s our top 8 fundraising tips for you to get inspired and boost your sponsorship total.

If you need help or materials for your fundraising, please contact call us at 541.331.0709 or email:

1) Online sponsorship pages

It’s quick and easy to set up an online sponsorship page via Go Fund Me or Kickstarter. Personalize the page with a photo and some of your own words and then share the link by email, Facebook and Twitter.

2) Break it down

Break down your target into chunks – it will seem much more manageable! For example, online sponsorship: $200, bake sale: $60, car wash: $50.

3) Get social media savvy

Make friends with social media. The power of Facebook and Twitter knows no bounds, so if you haven’t shouted about going to Rock Band Camp yet, do it now!

4) Talk about the cause

Tell your supporters where their sponsorship money will go. Any amount, large or small, will help get your tuition paid for.

5) Mobile text giving

Have you tried Just Text Giving? If you have a Just Giving page, you can create a code to allow people to donate to your page via text message.

6) Persevere!

One shout-out on Facebook or Twitter is usually just the start. Keep reminding people and send them updates. The donations will start rolling in.

7) Charity sweepstake

Boost your total with a sweepstake through Guess 2 Give. Ask your friends to place a bet about your challenge (eg, how long will it take you to run a marathon) and they’ll be in the running to win a cash prize if they have the closest guess. The remaining funds will go towards your fundraising pot.

8) Collect after the event

A sizeable proportion of sponsorship money tends to come in after the event itself. Show off a photo of yourself at Band Camp and donations will keep coming your way!

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