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Inspiring a love of music is a passion for us here at 1452 Foundry. We employ organic teaching methods and use a natural approach that allows learning music to also be fun. With a focus on sustainability and integrity we feel it’s important to instill healthy techniques and habits in our students. We specialize in small, focused classes, so that our clients get individualized attention while still benefitting from the inspiration one gains while learning with others. We also provide private instruction in an array of instruments, skill levels and vocal styles.

About 1452 Foundry

1452 Foundry is a recording facility located deep in the mountains of Southern Oregon. Nestled among towering pines and a breathtaking, pristine environment, we offer a different kind of music experience. The Foundry has three main focuses composition, recording and education. Every aspect of our work comes from a natural, organic approach and holds to three primary standards. It is our goal to connect musicians not just to their own creative energies, but also those of the natural world around us.

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