1452 Foundry is a recording facility located deep in the mountains of Southern Oregon. Nestled among towering pines and a breathtaking, pristine environment, we offer a different kind of music experience.

It is our goal to connect musicians not just to their own creative energies, but also those of the natural world around us.

The Foundry has three main focuses education, composition, and recording. Every aspect of our work comes from a natural, organic approach and holds to three primary standards. It is our goal to connect musicians not just to their own creative energies, but also those of the natural world around us.


Music is already a sustainable product that is good for the Earth. This makes it easy to fulfill all your recording, composition and education needs with a minimal footprint. By working directly in and with nature, we feel the musical experience (and finished products) can only be enhanced. Our commitment to sustainability and preserving natures resources are important to us here at the Foundry.


Integrity is at the heart of what drives all of us at 1452 Foundry. We know that your craft is important to you. When you work with The Foundry you can be assured that every project we participate in will be held to the same high standards you have for yourself and your music. This means we’ll all work together to create a product that is held at a very high standard.


We take great pride in all of the projects that pass through the doors of The Foundry. Be it an orchestral arrangement, a radio jingle, a grand movie score, video game sound design, a hard-driving rock album or your first Ukulele lesson, we are committed to bringing out the very best in each of our clients and won’t stop until we get there.

Our Founder…

Dorian Britton

Dorian Britton

Owner, Composer, Engineer, Instructor

At just two years old Dorian began playing the piano. His infatuation with the instrument soon blossomed into a full blown love of music. This love motivated him to learn more about music, not just how to produce it through piano, cello, bass, guitar, drums violin and vocals in bands and orchestras but also the history of music; the methods that could be used to achieve musical goals, both technically and instrumentally; the various genres and techniques dating back through Renaissance and Baroque eras to modern music; musical theory and more.
Today Dorian is a composer, instrumentalist, songwriter and activist whose extensive study of music and eclectic background give him a unique appreciation and view on music that is perfectly suited to the needs of modern film makers and performance groups.
His work has been featured and performed on a national scale as well as various regions across the country. Dorian has composed music for television and film. His original compositions are extremely diverse in style and instrumentation but are always full of heart.
His background in audio engineering gives him a unique edge in the ability to create dynamic and contemporary sounds and recordings.

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